About BevTrust Associates

Insider Knowledge from Both Sides of the Negotiation Table

Ben Kitay leads negotiation on behalf of all our clients.  You will not find more experience from both sides of the negotiating table.

Ben worked 15 years with the Coca-Cola Company in account management, finance, and general management roles. While with Coca-Cola USA, he examined every foodservice contract negotiation on behalf of the President of the Fountain division, affording him the opportunity to both study the complexities of every US fountain negotiation and understand the relative benchmarks.

Ben led the Fountain/Foodservice division of Coca-Cola’s most profitable market, Japan, overseeing relationships and negotiations with 400,000 restaurants, theme parks, and transportation venues, including Tokyo Disneyland, Universal Studios Japan, and all international foodservice brands.

Ben served as:

President and COO of Sega Entertainment USA 

SVP of Cinnabon, 

President of Sarku Japan Restaurants

Global Vice President for Beverages of Subway’s IPC.

International: Ben personally negotiated contracts in 35 countries for several global brands, and brought them savings of hundreds of millions of dollars through soft drink negotiations with Coke and Pepsi.